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Bangalore, India, March 06, 2018

The average spending on weddings is only increasing with each passing year and weddings have become a grand affair for the elite and the common folk alike. The industry trends are so dynamic that one gets to witness something novel and exquisite in every subsequent wedding one attends. …?

Bangalore, India, January 24, 2017

Weddings have always been an extravagant affair in every culture and community across the world. To celebrate the holy union of the participating souls, notions of splurging on opulent amenities and curating a memorable experience has always been perceived as a social norm over the ages. …?

Need to plan for a destination wedding?

Dubai, located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, is a confluence of virgin beaches, leisure malls, sky shattering structures, UNESCO world heritage sites, artificial islands and countless man-made wonders which rank this city seventh in the worlds’ most visited. …

What Makes the 4th Edition of EWPC stand out?

As we usher into the unveiling of the 4th Edition of Exotic Wedding Planning Conference slated to take place in Goa on 3rd & 4th of August’2017, we take a stroll past the elements which elevates the upcoming edition. The 4th Edition of EWPC is going to be graced by 16 world class speakers & steering committee members.…

Why is India a hotspot for Destination Weddings?

In India, weddings are nothing less than a carnival sprawling over a week of celebrations and rituals thriving high on opulence. The country has been blessed with pristine landscapes that engrave an everlasting impression in the memory lane of any individual who indulges to witness. The rich culture and aristocratic lineage are reflected in the royal palaces, mansions and various properties spread across different locations throughout the country. …